We're inaugurating a Wall Of Shame of banned bad customers / rip-offs :

Pedro Pinto

Avenida movimento das forças armadas
N1 loja 1 Abrunheira


Ordered a hoodie zipper mid-november 2020

Opened a claim at Paypal one month after (mid-december 2020) saying the order had not been received.

Got refunded of 51€80 on order of Paypal on 15 January 2021.

After an investigation by the shipping company, it was proven he had received the parcel on 19 February. Yes, 3 monthes after... we're not responsible for delays from postal services.

Does not reply to his emails.

Got a free hoodie.

Francisco Becerra
140 S Reno St Apt 101
CA Los Angeles
90057 US


Ordered items, received the package then opposed the payment at his bank and Paypal, saying "items do not match the description"...

Got free stuff and banned.